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Level Up Your Business by Becoming an MVCC Sponsor

The Montrose Virtual Chamber of Commerce (MVCC) is proud to introduce Advertising Sponsorship opportunities. By becoming a MVCC sponsor, your business will get more exposure via logo placement, banner ads, featured blogs and more!

Plus, our sponsors play an important role by helping the Virtual Chamber grow so we can continue to build new benefits for our community.

We offer three levels of sponsorship. Choose the best level for your business, budget, and goals.

Name Sponsor


Logo Promotion Package

  • Your logo (linked to your website) posted on the Sponsors page (montrosechamber.com/sponsors)
  • Your logo (linked to your website) posted on all MVCC emails sent throughout the year.
How to get started
  1. Sign up & Pay for the Name Sponsor level
  2. Upload your Logo and Website URL
  3. We will confirm when your logo is live.
  4. Watch email marketing for your logo mention!

Banner Sponsor


Banner Ad Promotion Package

  • Logo Promotion Package
  • Banner ad for your business posted in each MVCC email sent throughout the year
  • Rotating Banner ad posted on the MVCC home page and on other placements throughout the website.
  • One Time Social Media Post about Your Business
How to get started
  1. Sign up & Pay for the Banner Sponsor level
  2. Upload your Logo and Website URL
  3. Upload your Banner Ads in the recommended sizes
  4. We will confirm when your logo and banner ads are live.
  5. Watch social media and email marketing for your banner mention!

**Note: We will send 1 reminder per month to update your banner ads. If you don’t want to update your ads or you are unable to send us an update we will simply leave the existing ads up till the next month.

Story Sponsor


Blog Promotion Package

  • Logo & Banner Ad Promotion Packages
  • The MVCC staff will interview and write a featured story about your business.
  • You can include up to 5 photos in the featured story.
  • The featured story will be published on the MVCC Blog.
  • The featured story will also be promoted throughout the Chamber’s social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.
  • The story will be distributed to the entire email database.
How to get started
  1. Sign up for the Story Sponsor level
  2. Upload your Logo and Website URL
  3. Upload your Banner Ads in the provided sizes
  4. We will confirm when your logo and banner ads are live!
  5. Schedule Your Interview with the MVCC Staff
  6. Review your featured blog post
  7. We will notify you when the blog post is live.
  8. Watch social media and email marketing for your featured story promotion!

**Note: Your story will stay on our site even if you are no longer at this sponsorship level but no additional edits will be made. If you have previously been a Story level sponsor and wish to do it again we will simply update your previous story and repost it.

Become a Sponsor Today

The Montrose Virtual Chamber of Commerce (MVCC) opens Sponsorship registrations once per quarter. Sponsorship season will open at the end of each quarter and remain open for approximately 1-2 weeks typically closing one week after the start of the new quarter. We’ll begin adding new sponsors after the season closes.

Sponsors who sign up for our Banner or Blog Promotions should anticipate receiving 1 monthly email reminder to send us their new ads at the end of every month.

**Q3 2022 Open Season starts June 27th and closes April 8th.**

Our Sponsors

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Why You Should Become an MVCC Sponsor

Since we opened our membership platform not only has our member directory grown exponentially but the number of page visits, email subscribers, etc. has also grown. Moving forward we plan on rolling out new services and expanding even more.

With our new sponsorship levels, we anticipate our reach growing exponentially as the MVCC becomes a new advertising entity for our community.

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Sponsorship Terms and FAQ’s

What file types do I need for my sponsorship level?

Logos: it’s typically best to send us logos as a png with a transparent or white background. However, we do accept jpgs and pdfs just in case.

Banners: we prefer that you send us jpegs.

Story Images: please send us at least 1 large-scale, high-res image for the featured image for your blog. We prefer jpgs with little to no text on the image but we can use your logo if you prefer.

How many ads do I get with a Banner level sponsorship?

Sponsors are responsible for creating their own ads or hiring a designer to create them (if you’d like a referral please check out our Business Directory). As a reminder, we will send an email once a month to the applicable sponsors to update ads each month.

We ask that sponsors send us 3 specified ad sizes per month (see ad sizes below). There are many placements throughout our site, social media, and email that we will use to place banner ads.

Ad sizes:

  1. Leaderboard ad: 728x90px
  2. Large Rectangle ad: 336x280px
  3. Skyscraper ad: 120x600px

For any additional questions or to send us your ads please email info@montrosechamber.com.

How long is a Story Sponsor Blog?

After signing up for a Story Level sponsorship we’ll ask you to book an interview time with one of our staff. Interviews will be approximately 45 mins-1 hour long. (Note: All interviews will be conducted virtually via phone call or video conference.)

A Story Sponsor Blog can vary anywhere between 500 and 5,000 words depending on how much information a business wishes to share with our MVCC audience.

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