Financial Clarity in Economic Volatility [Live Forum]

Mar 26, 2020COVI-19

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There’s no denying that we’re experiencing a massive shift in the market right now. 


While local businesses are feeling the brunt and lockdowns are put in place, how money flows through our economy has completely changed.


Join us for a Live Interactive Forum on Friday, April 3, 2020, at noon MST where we will be answering these questions to help bring clarity and security to the situation


In this forum, we will cover: 

  • How financial clarity eases stress or even panic
  • How to develop a quiet mindset (logical and rational thinking) during volatile economic situations.
  • How to manage cash flow during economic prosperity so you can ride out the tough times.  (And what to do now even if you don’t have cash flow today).
  • How can you can use this situation of economic volatility as an opportunity — and come out the other end better positioned in your market than before.

This Live Interactive Forum is taught by Mercedes “Troy” Ballard, a full-charge bookkeeper since 1981 across many different industries. She owns MTB Services, Etc, a profit first bookkeeping and consulting service helping you keep your dream business afloat. She serves small businesses around the country.

Sponsored by: Montrose Virtual Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Drakulich, R&J Automotive, InSync Media, Proximity Space, and Our Town Matters.