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With the towering San Juan mountain range in view from anywhere in town, the City of Montrose is a great central location to enjoy the outdoors while still experiencing the comforts and qualities of a small town.
Because we are so close to the mountain range, we have quick access to some amazing mountain towns just an hour or two away like Ouray, Telluride, and Ridgway. Still, Montrose has some exciting attractions right here in our little city!

Local To-Do’s

Our Surrounding Area

Montrose Q&A’s

Local To-Do’s

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Food and Drink

Montrose is home to a wide variety of delicious cuisine! We offer everything from tacos and pizza to Himalayan, American, Italian, and more. Montrose is also home to some amazing coffee shops and breweries all over town!


Here in Montrose, we have many different kinds of shopping like boutiques, antiques, outdoor gear and supplies, and other unique shops. Take a stroll down Main Street, drive down Townsend Avenue, and explore all the other streets of our little town to see for yourself!

Fun Activities, Arts, and Culture

From museums to recreational water parks, we have it all! Get creative with pottery painting, enjoy bowling with friends, or enjoy an evening at one of our many parks. Be sure not to miss the rock wall, pool, and work out facilities of the Montrose Recreational Center!

In the Surrounding Area

No matter the season, there’s fun all around Montrose! All within driving distance, we have skiing, hiking, camping, rafting, fishing, birding, horseback riding, rock climbing, and so much more.

Black Canyon National Park

The Black Canyon is Montrose’s most notable nearby landforms not only for its view, but also for the activities! Hiking and camping are popular, but in the canyon, you can also go rock climbing or take a boat tour.

Gunnison River

This river is perfect for rafting or fishing, but hiking too if you travel through the Gunnison Gorge!

Rim Rock Trail

If you love to 4WD, OHV, or bike, you need to try out the Rim Rock Trail! It will take you from Montrose, CO to Moab, UT through gorgeous scenery for 160 miles.

Other Wilderness Areas and Parks

Owl Creek Pass and Silverjack Reservoir are nearby for all kinds of outdoor activities. One of the most notable parks, though, is the Ridgway State Park with full service campsites and a reservoir for swimming, boating, paddle boarding, and more!

Montrose Q&A’s

Where can I get information on the area?

As the Montrose Virtual Chamber of Commerce we only really deal with local businesses online. If you need more info about the town or surrounding area head over to the Visitor Center website to find the best information about Montrose, moving to Montrose, and more.

Where is Montrose?

Sitting at 5,807 feet, Montrose is a city on the Western Slope of Colorado. We are located a bit over one hour south of Grand Junction, and north of the San Juan Mountain Range.

What is Montrose's population?

The Montrose population recently reached just over 19,000 people in the city, and 42,758 people in Montrose County. Most of Montrose is made of remote workers, those in the farming community, retired individuals, and people who love outdoor adventure and wanted to get as close as they could to the beautiful mountains!

What schools and educational programs are available in the area?

Here in Montrose, there are quite a few education options. Not only do we have a branch of Colorado Mesa University here in town, we also offer STEM programs, hybrid schooling, primary schools, daycare, and more. Learn more about the Montrose School District.

Are there local travel options?

There are! The local buses at All Points Transit run Monday-Friday. There are also several car rental and app-based taxi services nearby.

Who should I contact about local business information?

If you need information on opening your business in Montrose or are thinking of moving to town, contact the city, Region10, and Montrose County. If you need any other information on current local Montrose businesses, check out our Business Directory!

Community Events

There’s something for everyone in Montrose from line dancing to painting pottery, yoga, jeeping, and much more! To see what events are happening next visit the Montrose Visitor’s Center calendar.

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