The Healing Collective of Western Colorado

Nov 21, 2022Nonprofits

The Healing Collective of Western Colorado is a newly founded non-profit in Montrose CO. The collective formed after the Whole Being Wellness Expo in 2021 when many of the healers expressed an interest in continuing to meet to support one another with their personal, business, and healing needs. There are now 90 members in the collective which meets every first and third Tuesday of the month at Mother Earth.

At each collective meeting one of the practitioners is highlighted and teaches the collective something about their healing modality. They also offer the practitioners business support bringing in different experts from the community to teach on marketing, publishing, accounting, and many other topics. The collective is now starting a healer directory where any local healer can register their business and be found by community members who are searching. It is just one more way to connect healers to the people looking for healing.

The collective also hosts the annual wellness expo that takes place in the fall. At this year’s expo there were over 30 practitioner booths and 24 free classes and workshops held all day on Sept 17th. The workshops include everything from African dance and drums and natural movement to mindfulness and pelvic health. We also had equine therapy horses so that people could experience first hand their healing effects. There was a silent auction with many items from our local practitioners and businesses as well as some local food trucks. The wellness expo will be back in 2023 on Oct 14th and aims to educate people on their local healing options giving them a free opportunity to try some new practices that may help them on their healing journey.

The healing collective is mostly formed of alternative and complementary practitioners but recognizes the importance of traditional medicine. They collaborate with many of our local medical facilities to offer clients comprehensive treatments that help address the parts of our well-being that aren’t prioritized in western medicine. It is known that our mental and emotional world influences our physical one by affecting our nervous system and in turn what bodily functions get turned on or off. It is also known that our spiritual world influences our perception of reality which alters our emotions and mental states, and in turn our physical body. Our beliefs around healing change the way we heal by influencing which care practices we engage in. Yet, there is still no one size fits all program that will bring everyone back into a healthy balanced state.

Mother Earth not only hosts the collective but is also the largest sponsor of the wellness expo. The owner Cristy says, “Mother Earth was honored and excited to sponsor the 2022 Montrose Wellness Expo! Our involvement is based on our desire to raise awareness for alternative medicine and holistic healers. We carry a wide variety of healing tools, many of which are used and made by our local practitioners.”

Founder of both the expo and the collective, Erin Easton, says, “It has been such a growth journey starting the expo and the non-profit. I have been very inspired by the success of the expo and the positive effect it had in our community throughout the whole year. It connected many of the local practitioners giving them the opportunity to support one another in their personal growth and the growth of their businesses. It also inspired many individuals in our community to engage in new practices that support their health. I myself saw a 50% increase in clients after the expo and heard from several of my clients that they were also receiving care from other practitioners present at the expo. This really is our goal, to help connect the local community with the practitioners that can help them heal. We know that healing is not a one size fits all formula, and often we need support from several different sources to bring our whole being back into balance.”

It’s up to each individual to create the healing journey that will work best for them. That’s what the collective hopes to do, help individuals create a comprehensive healing plan that fits their lifestyle and needs. The expo is a free opportunity for the community to meet some of these practitioners and learn about all of their healing options. Sherry Moss attended last year’s expo and says, “The Expo was an amazing event. I was thrilled to see and personally meet over 20 wellness providers offering information and classes for free. The atmosphere was filled with sharing, caring, fun and excitement. Thank you, Erin, for making this happen in Montrose. Healing can come in many different forms. I look forward to October for next year’s Expo! “

The collective hopes to continue the expo as a yearly event and would love to start offering more workshops, classes, and speaking events throughout the year. You can support them by donating, volunteering, and attending this year’s expo.


Contact: Erin Easton 719-293-4600

MVCC Business Profile: https://montrosechamber.com/business-directory/healing-collective-of-western-colorado/