Weehawken Creative Arts

Jan 5, 2023Nonprofits

Bridging Communities Through the Arts

For 18 years, Weehawken Creative Arts has been transforming the lives of adults and children through their arts education, dance program, and beloved community cultural events. Their Mission is to “provide high-quality arts education, personal growth programs and cultural events for our region while playing a leadership role in the arts within our communities year round.”

With its original roots in Ouray, the organization expanded programs to Ridgway within their first year then began offering programs in Montrose by 2010, and extended to also serve Silverton in 2014. They’ve played an essential part in weaving the very fabric that has made this region such a vibrant creative spot.

Weehawken is in the business of changing lives, nurturing dreams, and helping kids and adults discover their creative potential through the arts. Their education programs are transformative offerings led by extraordinary instructors. Their cultural events and community gallery not only offer support to regional and national artists, but also contribute significantly to the local economy. More than that, Weehawken offers a place for people to find their very own community of kindred spirits, wherever their artistic passion lies.

In 2018, Weehawken entered into a partnership with the Montrose Rec District and became their cultural partner. Weehawken Montrose is located at 25 Colorado Avenue at what is now known as The Montrose Field House. Weehawken has offered classes in Montrose in fine arts, fiber arts, languages, karate, pilates, dance, aerial arts, young people’s theater and more. Since 2018, the Weehawken Dance and Aerial arts program has expanded in Montrose significantly. Over the course of an average year, Weehaweken offers over 340 classes or workshops and activates their spaces well over 3,000 times annually.

Weehawken also organizes several cultural events each year: The Ridgway Fete de la Musique; The Ridgway 1k Rally thru the Alley; A juried Arts and Crafts Festival; 2 full-scale public ballets in Montrose featuring over 300 dancers in each (Dec and May); Sneffels Fiber Arts Festival; An Amateur Sculpting Contest; several youth theater productions a year, and more.

Lastly, Weehawken also operates a gallery called The 610 Arts Collective in Ridgway. This gallery features the work of hundreds of regional artists annually in two spaces. One space is structured more as a gift shop with cash and carry items by regional and national artists and the other space is an exhibition space that features a single artist for a full month. The 610 Arts Collective space also coordinates two open calls for artists a year where artists from all around the region can participate. Details on the gallery can be found at www.610arts.com

Learn more about Weehawken at www.weehawkenarts.org or facebook.com/weehawkenarts or facebook.com/weehawkendance.

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